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2 complete 75g running tanks, rock, livestock and many extras!!!!!!!


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It's time to start downsizing my hobby a bit. Up for sale or possible breakdown is 2 identical 75g saltwater setups. One is reef/coral, the other is a fowler tank.

Both have all glass tank, 4' tek light with hanging system, black stand and top trim ring with full lenght led light system for night viewing, awesome looking, 2 power heads, mag-float glass cleaner, 30g long custom sump with protien skimmer, heater, and return pump.Also have approximately 150-175lbs of live rock in each main tank as well as 20-25lbs of smaller live rock in the sumps.

The differences- the fowler has built in overflow box with dual overflows, both tanks drilled for plumbing so no over the top stuff. The fowler has 4 fish, 1 eel and 2 star fish. The reef has 11 fish, 1 engenier shrimp, lots of snails and hermits, 1 long spine sea urchin, huge maxima clam ( size of small football) and many different corals. Sump light for the fowler is a basic T8 light for viewing but the reef sump light is a 36" dual power compact light fixture, helps with the macro algea.

Id like to get $800 for the fowler complete, and $1100 for the reef. If we get close to these prices I has a 6 stage RODI water filter and alot of electronic testing equiptment and other testing supplies-food etc.


If interested in any of these or have more questions or want pics, pm me with an email or phone # or just. Go ahead and text me at 541-914-3465. Thanks for looking

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J. R.-Dimensions are 4'x18"x15". Some light scratches that can probably be buffed out but don't notice them when filled. Other than that the wood is solid. I'll and a pic also


Cello- it looks like most any of the large skimmers and has custom plumbing parts for how they had it setup to. The collection cup is like 8" round.

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