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Club Par meter OFFICIAL booking thread


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The bod discussed the terms for the Par Meter.


The deposit (refundable) is $50 in cash.

A simple rule: "you break it you replace it".

If you want a new battery to be replaced you can bring one at the pickup and we will change it for you, so you don't risk to damage it while performing the task.

The meter comes with box and instructions: if you lose them, you replace them.

There will be a checkout sign up.


The member can keep the meter for 7 days. There will be a fee for late return ($1 per day). The meter need to be picked up and returned at the same place.

At now I have the meter and I am located in NE Portland, pm me for address. I work from home and most of you know that it is easy to get a hold of me.


Please understand that it is the first time (that I know of) that we are using some club equipment, so we will all learn down the way: suggestions are welcome.

We will use the first southern friend as a guinea pig for the shipping issue (scary)


So, you can book your week starting from tonight (March 7 2011) at 8pm PST (laugh).

You can pickup the meter starting from saturday March 12th and return it by friday 18th.

First come first serve.

Let's try this way and see how it goes.


Please help us build a database of PAR reading by posting in the PAR Meter Reading thread located Here


I posted in this section so non-members can know that there is now this feature if they need more motivation to get a membership card ;)



The par meter is now in Portland.....May 2012


List of users who previously checked meter out:








kshack did not respond to PM

Helenswheels did not respond to PM








Next on the list is:


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nice' date=' so when it is shipped, how does the member pay the deposit?[/quote']


If you folks will be shipping this I advise shipping it insured and a signature confirmation being required-there should be no exception to this rule-Hindsight sucks


Shipping can be risky-Personally if I am being accountable for a 300-350 dollar piece of equipment, I would want to be sure it is in working order (visiblly confirming this) as I get it, and then show it is in working order when it is returned



Please add me to the list or Emerald you can take the scenic route home and stop by my house-(laugh)

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Guys, the list opens tonight at 8pm to give everybody the time to subscribe.

You have to wait tonight and post here, sorry. See you later ;)

Also, let's do $50 even.

When is shipped as tanktop said we can paypal and then refund.

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Just a quick "Tip" I saw a thread on Rc and there was a picture of them measuring. They had placed a piece of soft Velcro on the probe and the other on the underside of a long handle Kent scraper, works really well, that's the way I use mine. The shorter handle works the best unless you have a really deep tank

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At this time I would propose that the meter NOT be shipped. If we need to get the meter from north to south and vice versa it could be done on a monthly basis at the meetings and the new location arranged for the pickup and drop off. This is just my suggestion and has not been discussed but if I am overridden it is my opinion that the person renting the meter pays the shipping to and from the dropoff location.

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One of the reason the par meter thing was delayed was that we wanted to build a rod for the sensor. Without the rod is difficult to use and pretty much useless because of your arm changing the reflection The best would be an acrylic rod. So you guys have solve this issue by yourself.

No idea about the battery, I'll tell you when I have some time to open it. Maybe it is said in the pdf manual.

To be honest I don't know how diligent I can be on going to the post office for sending it so I'm with you on this one Barelycuda. If there is a lot of request we can think about buying a second meter for the south.


A few minutes and you guys can start posting your reservations. Good luck

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Where can we find more info on how to use the data. Is there any standards as far as what PAR SPS require. Other than just seeing if I have enough light at the bottom of my tank. I see the benefit of hearing everyones numbers and the type of bulb they use.

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Guys, the list opens tonight at 8pm to give everybody the time to subscribe.

You have to wait tonight and post here, sorry. See you later ;)

Also, let's do $50 even.

When is shipped as tanktop said we can paypal and then refund.


so i take it that the sign up from before is now void.


Per Grassi earlier - started at 8pm

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The battery is a 3v cr2320.

I didn't find a new one at Fred Meyer and Walgreens and I was told to go to Radio Shack.

At Radio Shack on Columbia they don't have it in store, but it is available online only: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2882528

I am sure that there are places in town where it is possible to find this battery, but I didn't have time to drive around looking for it.

If somebody know where to find one in the PDX metro area, please send me a pm and I will see if I can go and get it. Otherwise I will order online from Radio Shack.

The meter is gonna be checked out today by LC Scott with a low battery level. In case he will run out during his week we will extend his time

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