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Issues w/ XM 10k bulb


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I have an icecap ballast (SE 175W) that I was originally running a 20k bulb on. When the 20k bulb got old I decided to go for more growth and got an XM 10k bulb. The 20k bulb fired 100% of the time over the 15/16 months that I ran it, but the 10k bulb wont fire reliably. It only lights about 1 in 3 days when the timer comes on. When it doesnt come on with the timer I will cycle through until it does ignite. Sometimes it takes 6 to 10 times, sometimes it comes on in the first try. I got frustrated with it and gave up and got another 20k bulb (brand is escaping me right now, but not an XM).


Any ideas on what I can do to get some use out of this bulb? The store I got it from gave me one free replacement in case it was defective and the second bulb behaved exactly like the first.

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