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Yeah ' date=' that was my understanding. R-3 was trying to do a prorated membership to simply things and have them all end in December.[/quote']


that is cool, i just want to make sure i am paid till december. i do not understand why there needs to be 2 prorated sections per option,, when you could put the whole year in 1 option. let each month prorate from Jan-Dec, instead of jan-june, then july-dec.

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Here's the information


Here's the information for everyone. Your membership should go through Dec31. Jenchild was our secretary but she had a new job opportunity so R-3 took over.






So as of Dec 19th most of everyones memberships will be lapsing. So its time to re-up!! We are going to be doing this a little different though from now on.


Memberships will be raised to $24 for a single and $33 for a family. This is help out with the new server and some other sweet things that are coming soon!


Memberships will be due every January at the start of the year. They will run from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. This will clear up a lot of confusion for everyone.

It will make it easier for me to keep track when everyones membership is due and who has paid. It will also help out our webmaster with updating profiles with member privelages.


There will also be a prorate system in place for members who sign up later in the year. It will look like this-


Single Family


Jan- $24 $33

Feb- $22 $30.25

March- $20 $27.50

April- $18 $24.75

May- $16 $22.00

June-$14 $19.25

July- $12 $16.50

August- $10 $13.75

September- $8 $11.00

October - $6 $8.25

November- $4 $5.50

December-$2 $2.75



Members that signup after September will pay the prorate + the next years membership. So for instance if you signup in October for a single membership you will pay the $6 prorate + the $24 membership to pay for the 1 yr 3 month membership.


I will be taking 2011 Memberships at the Christmas meeting so bring some extra cash with ya!! Come get your shiny new card and 2011 sticker


If anyone has any questions please post them in this thread. Also please try to keep this thread on track to and dont clutter it up.

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