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How to remove sand dust from acylic tank sides w/o scratching


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Can anyone give me a tip to remove the sand dust on the sides of my acrylic cube? I rinsed the sand but it still had some dust in there. I just really don't want to scratch the inside walls before its stocked. I already scratched the outside a few times (flame)



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Yah its been 6 days and that hasn't happened so i need to do it manually.


Membership is not a per month basis, that page is a little confusing I know. Its a year membership. You select the month you plan to join, and your membership will run thru December. At that point you must renew your yearly membership.

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i just fill the tank with water' date=' it disappears and/or settles, does not hurt anything. btw, how much are memberships for the club on a yearly basis? i saw the page on a per month basis, was wondering what the yearly cost is, thx[/quote']


Single membership is $24/yr.

Family is $33 for the year.

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