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Phosban and Recession


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So my prized piece, a large Table Acro Mille, has started to recede after I changed water two weeks ago. When I performed a water change I decided to replace the Phosban in my reactor. I have noticed in the two following weeks that my large Danae bleached and I started witnessing recession. I took the reactor offline in the first week, but noticed yesterday that some of the phos media had become stuck in some filter floss. I removed the floss yesterday when I performed a 30% water change. I also removed all the fish(!!!) as I am trying to reduce bio load and get rid of some far too aggressive fish to keep in a reef. My readings right now are:






Alk= 2.5





The acro is hanging in there, and half of it's encrusted base is gone. I hope the rest of it stays together, sometimes you just can't catch it and you have to just cut the thing up. This makes me sad. :(

I moved it to a place with a bit more flow (tables like flow) and light.


My question is, has anyone else seen Phosban make problems for them?

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Guest Ahbrit



i had a similar instace when i used rowasphos

i had mine in a reactor though so lost next to no 'fines'

I can honestly say, 'only use it in dire need'

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