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Best external pump?


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So what's so good about the ATB pumps?

Marine depot shows the Red Dragon pumps discontinued. Not that it matters, as $800 for a pump seems crazy....

I'm leaning toward reeflo....


You asked for the best pump: reliable, quiet and efficient. I gave you the answer :)

I'm an happy client of both ATB (Askoll modified pumps) and Reeflo. There is a noticeable difference between the 2 products and you pay for that. Titanium cost more than steel and innovation, like the Calcium bypass, cost money to develop. A Red Dragon for your setup would cost around $550, a couple of hundreds more than a Reeflo.

You will have an hard time wearing the silicum carbide bearings of a Red Dragon, while I suggest you to order and keep a bearing rebuild kit for a Reeflo. I always keep one on hand. They cost $25, plus $10 for the o-ring if I remember well.

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