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68 degrees


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I just got back from Mt. Hood, I left here friday afternoon. The first thing I did when I got home was to check the tank. Every thing (except the BTA) look like the lights just came on but the lights had been on for three hours. Anyways I checked the temp, 68 degrees (scary). The fish look ok and everything seems alive, just unhappy. I plugged in the heaters and am planning on just waiting till they bring the temp back up. Hopefully the time it takes to heat back up will be long enough to not shock anyone.

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#1 are you sure your thermometer is correct?

#2 was the temp in the house off? Curious why the temp dropped.

#3 bring it back up to temp slowly, don't stress them out more by bringing it up too fast!


Good luck!



I have four thermometers LOL. Learned not to trust those things long ago LOL


My house is almost a hundred years old, so with out the baseboard heaters on, and little to no insulation It got colder than I had anticipated.


I put a new MH on my tank recently and had been battling heat issues, so I unplugged both of my heaters a couple weeks back. With out the heaters The temp had been fluctuating but staying within the 76-82 degree range.

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