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Mr. S anad Lowman visit the Pioneer School


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So I met up with Roger and Lowman this morning to see the TFT setup and add a cleanup crew(clap)(clap)Did another 5% water change and brought more freshwater for them to top off


Tank is in that ugly brown stage of the cycle yuck :(




Clownfish look very happy in their new home thanks Barelycuda! Mike the administrator says the kids were excited last week to see the Nemos in the tank!(clap)




Roger adding the cleanup crew and kenya tree and green star polyps. Mike is the school administrator to the right. Lowman was too quick for the camera!






New additions to the tank!(clap) That's Roger's hand describing the size of certain things!(laugh)





In 2 weeks I think the tank will be ready for more additions. In the future we would like to put in a bigger skimmer and Koralias!

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Okay' date=' really people. It is a shadow puppet of a duck. No comments of my skull and crossbone shorts? And Shane, do you want to be banned from the road trips and 5 guys burger feasts??[/quote']


Sorry Roger didn't even notice the skull and crossbones shorts! (laugh) How old are you again? You may find this hard to believe but I found more interesting things to look at!:p By the way...(scratch) Who is Stephen?

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