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I've done it! I extracted a tissue sample from a nuclear green palylthoa and injected it into a purple death palythoa.

I got tired of watching them grow side by side, but never transfer color. So i got a very fine syringe and did a tissue transfer from the mantle of the nuclear green to the mantle of the purple death. Will let you guys know in a couple of days if any color change occurs. Since the green pigment is dominant in most coral tissue, im hoping that it might overtake the purple we shall see.

No electrical shock required in this experiment to bring them to life, but might consider it later (scary)

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nothing, but i did find a way to morph colors really easy.... raise the salinity!

So here's the story and my stupidity along with it....

Out in the secret garage tank, somehow i mixed up my freshwater and saltwater buckets. So for the past 3 weeks i was slowly raising the salinity by adding saltwater for the evaporation. Toward the start of the third week i started noticing corals not opening up very well and generally looking pissed off. Of course i check all the usual chemical values and everything is good. So i make up a batch of saltwater to do a water change the next day. Well as im checking the salinity of the fresh saltwater to make sure its 1.025, i figure what the heck ill check the tank too.... hrm 1.037... that can't be right, clean hydrometer recalibrate with ro/di water, try again... same 1.037... crap! Drain out half the water from tank start adding fresh water till im down to 1.025. Couple days pass, corals start opening up again, but 1/4 of my zoa colonies all morphed. Example fire and ice, is now orange skirt with hot pink centers... purple hornets are now green skirt with purple base and neon green blotches (looks like grafted acropora simplex) no more ring

So im going to give them a couple of months to see if they will change back or not. I dont recommend this method of course, but it did cause color change in zoanthids.

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