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Going to Portland on Saturday

Mr S

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I've got a lot of mushrooms on a rock. Would you feel comfortable enough in coming over and peeling off all the shrooms on this rock? It's the rock with the Gorgonian on it, clam, etc. I'm just realizing I don't like mushrooms and they are free to you, if you would just come harvest them.



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South people you guys are killing me. I will be going to my Moms next weekend so if it is not a big deal maybe Jon, Miles or Franklin could hold the donations and I could pick them up next Sunday, the 6th and pick them up? Let me know. I know, I am always the last one to be invited to the party!


Napzard, peel that clam off!!! Or just use a razor blade to scrape the shrooms off as best as you can and bag em up!!! I don't think it is possible to hurt mushrooms. (we in the trade would call that fragging!!!)

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