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Aiptasia eating nudibranch


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Recently I've been going to war against aiptasia. I don't like the odds of getting peppermints or a copper band. But I ran across this guy while surfing the md forums. I'm thinking of getting one.




and the link to the md forums thread about aiptasia.




Any thoughts on the Berghia nudibranch?

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be careful i bought ten off ebay when i was acclamating them for the two hours that they recomended i scraped some apps off and they feasted but when i added five about three inchs from one on bottom of one of my prop trays as they got close to the tenticles of the app it grabed them and ate them soon to spit out slimy carcasses they said not to put on app derectly but this was rediculous the ones i scraped and put in bag when accli were all pissed off and shirveled up but when ones not gess the slugs are fair game:mad: so 198 dollars latter still got appsDOH! they were 14.98 plus shipping bought tenscratch

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