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MP 60's-Personal feedback please


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For those who are using these, whether it be 1 or 2 or more

I am curious on the footprint of your tank and what percentage of power you have them set, especially interested if you have sand in your tank.

I recently bought a tank that’s 96x48x24 and was toying with the idea of MP 60's (2 of them) versus 2 barracudas on a closed loop.

Rough math has a single barracuda costing 10x the amount is electricity so even though the initial investment of the MP’s is staggering (to me) it wont take long for them to pay for themselves in reduced cost of electricity which makes my tank almost running green-(clap)


the one caveat buying its not worth the savings if my tank will look like a 500 gallon snow globe-DOH!

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I have seen Daniks, I was told the 40's cant handle 1" acrylic (or glass)-that was the only reason I was thinking 2-60's


I would much rather run 4-40's but that cant happen



Hey Mike, I have not seen them in person but in seeing the dims I know they are big, I think 1 inch in width and depth more- but 10x the cost in electricity for the cudas-ARG

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Thanks for all the kind words, I wish I went with the dementions as reefjunkies new 500g tank, my 300g just looks to small for me after one year. Oh yeah Brad mp60 are bulky but sence you will have a inwall system they won't seem all that big sence you will only see the half of it. If I were you I'd go with 4 mp60's, good investment for sure. I just wonder what your going to do for lights. :p

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My tank is 72X36X24. The MP60's are running about 70-80%. I have bare bottom, so no report on sand movement. I saw Jake Adams lecture and he likes gyre flow patterns. With these you can program for that. This mode will be made available on the 40's sometime in the future. Nice thing is only one pump is running (mine for 10 minutes), which saves electricity and lets the other pump cool down. Once you get used to the size it does not look that much different.

You are welcomed to come over and take a look.



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