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The shocking truth


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It's finally come to a point where I can no longer ignore being shocked. I'm afraid that my mag 7 is going to start killing stuff. It's just ridiculous, if I touch the water and anything else, including the ACRYLIC tank, I get shocked. Not to mention that I can't put my hand in the sump without getting shocked without even touching anything. So does anyone have a pump that I could easily fit to 1/2" pvc, that I could beg, borrow, buy, or steal, or something?


At this point I've got it out of the water and have put some pumps in the tank to keep things going.

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The best thing to do is to replace the offending equipment and install a GFCI outlet. All a grounding probe will do is insure that any short that exists has a direct path to ground. In the event that the short is only on the positive side it will create a situation where a person can be shocked that otherwise may not exist. If you do use a grounding probe (I will not use them) then it is extremely important for safety that you also have a properly installed GFCI outlet.

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