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Picked up a New Zoanthid....Any Ideas?


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And I'm gonna go on the record as stating that both Jess n I hate the red, blue an purple hornets, only reason we have em is for resale value, an that the RH an PH in our DT are moving to the frag tank as soon as it's hooked up LOL, just need some tubing, pvc, an fittings an it's done lol picked up the pump yesterday for it.

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where'd you pick those up at?


Its a super secret....I would tell you but then everyone would know where to find them...I will just say, I was drinking an Orange Fanta while thinking about the Sea and all its awesome inhabitants...lol


Those are without a doubt the rare blue corn nuts. Not to be confused with blue hornets.


And now they have been identified, I will forever call them Blue Corn Nutz Zoanthids.....Who wants a frag $279 a polyp....LOL

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WOW $279.00 a polyp i should sell mine now before the market falls.



There seems to be alot of these going around as late. Here are mine i got a couple of weeks ago from a LFS. I know for sure that they are not a hornet as they dont have a alternating skirt. They may be Blue Steels or AOI that arent colored up all the way.


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