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NEW Favorite LFS........


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I stopped by to pickup my little frag from the Aloha Corals group buy that Reefit was holding onto for me, let me tell you the New Ocean in a Box is FREAKIN AWSOME!!! Reefit has been working extremely hard and it shows, I am SOOOooo looking forward to the grand opening. I am very stoked about the future of Ocean in a Box, and I really hope it takes off, and I will be doing everything I can to support it and Robert.


So we missed the group buy on the Maxi Mini Carpet Anemones, and we really had no intentions of buying anything today, we where just there to pickup my frag from Aloha Corals, but NoobtoSalt was there and just had to say something about the Maxi Mini Carpets and well.....Amanda had to have one!! She is SOOooo stoked!! and I am going to get one too, next weekending that is if Ocean in a Box is having thier grand opening!!(naughty)...The camera for some reason made it look faded, but in person it is WICKED cool! I think its the actinics that mess up my camera for some reason.




And I SCORED!! a cool birdsnest...which I am stoked about!!! I just couldn't leave there empty handed....I had to get something for my tank too(laugh)...and I couldn't pass up this COLONY of birdsnest!!




So, BIG thank you to Robert (Reefit) and Ocean in Box, I can't wait till the grand opening, and I wish you guys the best of luck and will tell everyone I know to come check you guys out, as you are now my favorite LFS...FOR SURE!!!(rock2)

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Don't forget Coz either. Both of them have been working really hard to make the store awesome.


Sorry, I have never met Coz, but Kudos to them both, they have been working REALLY hard, and the place is going to be one awesome place! I am really stoked for them both, and wish them the best, and for anyone that has thought about going there but never has, TRUST ME its worth the trip, it took me less than 20 minutes to get from OIB to portland, so its really worth the 15+minutes to check out, its easy to find, and I highly suggest checking them out. They have great corals there right now.....and if I had stayed there longer, i would have been bringing more corals home...Big props to you guys for all your hard work!

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We did end up staying longer lol and took home a lot. My husband stopped in yesterday to pick up our AC order, and said we had to come back today. We are definitely customers for life! The shop is looking great and has a great selection. It took me forever to narrow it down, and even then I walked out with a lot. THANK YOU so much OIAB!!!


I was going to start a thread anyway to share pics and say thanks but saw this one.


A SWEET frag of Fruit Loop zoas, (rock2) with some others on the side:



A very nice yellow yuma, 3 floridas and a PPE:




And thanks to Jesse (Noobtosalt) we are also now part of the maxi mini club LOL. (laugh)



Oh yeah we also got a fire shrimp and cleaner shrimp. I couldn't be happier with everything.

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And thanks to Jesse (Noobtosalt) we are also now part of the maxi mini club LOL. (laugh)


HA....I think Jesse secretly works for them, posing as a customer he carefully steers people into making purchases they never thought they would....LOL(laugh).....he should get commision or something...


So you got the other one huh, thats awesome, they both where really nice, I am hoping he will have more by next weekend, cause I want to get one for my tank too(naughty)...


You weren't the couple that was in the shop when we where there where you? we where there at about 11am....I saw Jesse (NoobtoSalt) and (Reefit)....Sorry if we didn't say hi, I am still trying to put Faces and Real Names to Screen Names....I am slowly getting to know people off the forum....Congrats on your new additions, those fruitloops are Wicked Cool.... I so can't wait to go back...

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LOL I had absolutely no intention of it, was wrapping up the order, then Jesse stepped in. :D Ha ha I'm pretty excited about it - I saw you took the other one and this one was so lonely all by itself...(plotting) (laugh)


Great store, I had fun picking everything out.


Yep - that was us! I'm the same, pretty new and dont know everyone.

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Well we had to go back, and picked up some awesome new additions, I havn't taken many pics, but this is one of our pickups, of course its in Amandas tank...lol They have some REALLY nice Maxi-Mini Carpets, We where stoked to get this one, now she has two from OIAB. I get to get the next one, the next time we are there.



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