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Lights, Skimmers, Calcium Reactors, Pumps, Need to clear out!


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Changing up my lighting system and clearing out some equipment (made some very expensive upgrades), but that just means great equipment at low prices for you, LOL


3 - Four Bulb Complete Icecap T5 Retrofit Kit (includes icecap ballast, reflectors and Giesemann T5 bulbs) - $90 each - 1 SOLD

1 - Sequence Reeflo Snapper Hybrid Needlewheel w/ Venturi- $80

1 - Regular Head for Reeflo Orca Protein Skimmer - $25

5 - Lumenmax Elite DE HQI Reflector w/ Icecap 250w Electronic Ballast and 14k Phoenix HQI Bulb - $90 each - ALL SOLD

2 - Three Bulb Complete Icecap T5 Retrofit Kit (includes icecap ballast, reflectors and Giesemann T5 bulbs) - $90 each - SOLD

5 - Used or New (can't distinguish at this time) 250w 14k Phoenix DE HQI Bulbs - $15 each - SOLD2 - Neptune Systems 5 LED Dimmable Lunar Simulator *moon lights* - $30 each - SOLD

1 - Sequence Reeflo Barracuda - $100 - SOLD

1 - Sequence Reeflo Dart - $80 - SOLD

1 - ASM G-6 Protein Skimmer Recirculating mod w/ three Sedra 9000's - $150 - SOLD

1 - Reeflo Orca PRO Protein Skimmer Recirulating w/ the PRO kit extended neck and larger head (later add-ons) - $400 - SOLD

1 - GEO 618 Calcium Reactor w/ Pan World Pump - $140 - SOLD


Everything is considered used and sold as-is. If you haven't met me before you can ask around and find that I am a nice and honest guy. If anyone had a problem with anything I sold in the past I either fixed it or returned their money.

Things are first come first serve, the first person to pay gets the item, I will not hold anything for later payment. Once paid I can hold the item for later pickup, or have someone pick it up for you and deliver.

I am located in Springfield, OR and prefer pickup.

I accept Cash, Credit Card, or Paypal.

I am not looking for any trades, unless you are trading gold.


PM me or you can call me at (541) 915-2423.


More stuff will be added as I clear out more space. Pictures will hopefully be available soon.



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All PM's answered.


Halides are Plug & Play, no wiring knowledge required. All T5 Kits are already wired and ready to Plug & Play also, no need to know wiring.

ASM G-6 is rated for up to 1,200 gallons (although I would rate it closer to actual 600-800 gallons).

GEO 618 Calcium Reactor rated for up to 350 Gallons.

Sequence Reeflo Snapper Hybrid Needlewheel w/ Venturi rated at 2,500 GPH



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PM's Answered.


Halide Bulbs are 250w 14k Phoenix that have about 2 months on them. I do have some extra bulbs, some used and some new, just don't know which cause I accidentally mixed them up, the used have no more than 3 months on them if that, that I would sell for $15 each.

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That ASM skimmer is taller than I am (but then again there are rides at Disneyland I can't ride).




Provides great bubble/water connection time for maximum removal of contaminants


My new protein skimmer is almost as tall and 18" wide! LOL, and it cost about 20 times more than what I am selling this one for.

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