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macro shots. what do you all think?


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they are good! where the actinics on hen you took those pix?



I have 2 actinic t5 2 blue t5 and 2 14K 250 Watt MH


ok im going to nit pic.... hehe Good shots' date=' images are a bit grainy some slightly out of focus which could be the camera (how many megapixels?)[/quote']


6 mega pixel

I was just happy they turned out this good.

I did some looking

you can get that same camera on ebay for $55 that means you can get shots like this with some practice for $75. I think that is amazing.

I got discuraged because I know people are getting way better shots but they are also using $1000+ cameras and lenses.

I just don't have that kind of money

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