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High end acro group buy

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Ok, so I picked Westside out of the hat and have contacted Tim, He has come up with a tricolor acro colony, he said about 20 frags can be made of it and he sells the colony for $400 so that would make it $20 a frag ( that he said he usualy sells for $50 ) And since we give a frag or two to TFT program, I say we have 18 frags at $25 a piece for sale. I will not be buying the colony untill all $ is paid. Tim will be posting a pic of the colony as soon as he sees this post and can get the pic up.

If you want in, Give me a PM. I am working on getting my paypall set back up on a dif bank acct so please bare with me on that.


Paypall info is edcasley@yahoo.com

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Sorry Eddie I missed your paypal information.


Ya, I'm in the middle of putting a dif bank acct on my paypall act and it takes them a day or two to verify and send the 2 small deposits so I can tell them how much the deposits were. But I guess really if you wanted you can deposit now and I could get it out later when all have paid and I have acsess to it.


Paypall info is edcasley@yahoo.com I will also post this in the first post.

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Oh is that the westside tricolor? Tim if you can hang on to mine I would be down for it...Eddie how are you going to collect the money if you don't have a paypal account are we just sending money to Tim?


This is one of the similar tricolor to westside tricolor accept it have white polyp at the tip.



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Anyone? anyone? This is a great looking acro! I drull over it every time I go to his shop.


I guess I posted this in another thread but a lot of people on the boards just recently have been having issues with their SPS. It's a nice looking piece but I'm getting away from SPS myself as well. When you get this going with Chalice, Acans, Zoas let me know.


Free bump to get this going!

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I would be all over it, especially for $25....but my tank is not ready to add anything yet, so I have to wait. I think the concept and idea is awesome, but some times finding 15-20 people that either like the same coral or are willing and able to get it might be the tough part. It seems easier to find 8-10 people, but then the cost per frag goes up....BUT the size of the frags would be a whole lot bigger if your only fragging 8-10.....so.


I do hope to participate in one of these someday, I wish you the best of luck.

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