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Moving/Getting out sale - Pt 1, Livestock

Dego Red

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Hi guys,

Well my time in Oregon is just about up, and Michigan is too far to move my tank. Time to tear down and setup shop down the road (bigger and better, of course).


EDITED: Here's what's left -


A bright blue ricordea w/ green mouth(s) that's currently splitting. I forgot about him and need to get a pic tonight. $25


Live rock is ready to go. The basic idea when "stood up" in a 30g display:


I hand picked all of it, nice porous stuff. Some has been fragged so there's some rubble to build and steady the rocks on as well, and a couple small rocks are gone because they went with large stuff like the nem. Some pieces still have frags like a blue mushroom, 1"x1" GSP base (x2), the orange zoas and green button polyps. Asking $60 for all of it, so roughly 1/2 price from the LFS with free frags. I'll try to get an updated pic tonight as well.



- Green striped mushroom colony. Big one in the middle is 2.5", 10 total. $20



- Second colony of green striped mushrooms. Another 10 for $20

- Blue & yellow damsel, very mellow lil guy. He'll be free once everything is out and I can catch him! Just have to promise not to use him to cycle.



Huge GSP-covered rock, measures about 9x7x7". I could split this thing 7 times and each frag would be big enough to be $35 at the LFS. I'd sell the whole thing for $125 or I'll frag it if people are interested. I'd like to sell it whole, tho...it's already building on itself like an SPS.


Remember - this stuff goes after the livestock

400W MH with reflector, 20k bulb, and two backup bulbs (5mo old each)

Actinic balast, 4 end caps, two reflectors

AC Jr. with DC8, Ph and temp probes

Koralia 3

Complete reef-based hardware:

- Drilled 30g display plumbed to 5g sump

- Modified stand for sump

- Tunze DOC 9002 skimmer

- Custom built and sealed tongue-and-groove hood

- Misc: Cooling fan, complete ATO, MJ900's, etc, etc


I'll subscribe, so PM or reply works.



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I'm going to keep posting in this post only for those who have made contact and want specific things. It will let everyone else know and I won't get lost in a sea of PM's! They'll be marked as sold after they're picked up.


Livestock awaiting pickup

cml800 - Pink cap, pink digi

epic1 - Leather, green/purple w/ orange skirts zoas and some red shrooms

titus'reef - Green digi, pink milli

pnkrcklives - Clown, anemone




steelhead77 - AC Jr.

frlejo - Koralia 3

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^ I'm not marking something sold that hasn't been paid for or picked up. I've been burned on that with car parts before.


Some have inquired first and are just scheduling time to come down and pick them up. If they pass - as someone did on the AC Jr already - that's what post #5 is for. I'm assuming those interested can look to see what they want and look at post #5 to see if it's still available. Pretty simple, no?

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OK - apologies to everyone. I have instant email notification for both PM's and thread replies, but I just got an email and found SIX PM's!


Quick update:

As of now, someone on CL is taking 90% of the remaining livestock. I'm making delivery tonight, so if something doesn't fit in his tank, etc. I'll update the thread. As of now, the remaining corals are:


- Both green mushroom colonies

- GSP rock

- A killer blue ricordea that I forgot to list :)


I'm at work and its difficult enough to post, let alone get time to update the first post, so I'll have to get to it tonight after making one delivery and getting to another pickup. Sorry!

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