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40g Column with Stand For Sale


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This was our first vernture into Reef Aquariums, now what we have other tanks setup we chose to tear it down and clean it up and set it up as a freshwater planted tank, well, I have to admit, we are pretty sprung on the reef tanks and the freshwater aquarium just doesn't do it for us, so we are tearing it down again and letting it go. The aquarium is 28" tall, 20" wide and 18" deep. It has black silicone and black trim, and the stand it also black.


This was purchased at petco and I believe is a "perfecto" brand aquarium, my research came up with that it does have a tempered bottom panel, so drilling isn't an option, I don't think. Its been a fun tank, but I would like to setup another 40b and must part with this tank.


This is an old picture, but kind of gives you an idea of what it looks like, The tank will be torn down and cleaned up and can be delivered to the portland area (depending on my schedule).


Asking $150 for the tank and stand, Thats delivered to the portland area.



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Monday Bump plus an added bonus!!!


For $125 you will get the Tank, Stand AND......my spot in the Second Members grow out!!! There is more than $125 in Zoanthids and Paly's right there!!!(naughty)(laugh)


AND!! if you do want to set it up as a freshwater tank, I will include about $100 worth driftwood and plants, fish too if you want them, they are all community freshwater, Platies, Groumi, Swordtails, ect...

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