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Coral Frags and Pieces FS or Trade


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I have several coral frags and pieces for sale or trade for equivalent SPS frags. All pieces are unmounted.


Purple Monti cap pieces, unmounted - $10.00 for two larger pieces in front - sold/pending - $5.00 for back pieces.



Orange Monti Digitata piece. This was growing on the back glass so it is a combo of flat and branching growth. $20.00 - pending



Small green encrusting Monti with white rim. Bad picture but it is a cool coral that will scroll. sold



Half green and half orange Monti digitata that has fused into one colony approximately 6"x6". The picture does not look great since I just moved the piece to take the picture and the polyps retracted. $50.00



I can frag pieces of this yellow/green birdsnest which is the fastest grower in my tank. Picture is of the mother colony - 1"-1.5" frags $10.00



Hydnophora - $10.00



Red Sea Xenia - $5.00 for several stalks



Briareum - $5.00 for 2" cutting


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