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Zoas, Brain, Bubble and more


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Alright so the black friday gig didn't work so I wanted to repost with the zoas so maybe I could get some more exposure....(laugh)


BTW I've been told by the boss that I can't spend any money right now during the holidays. That's why I'm selling this stuff. I'd rather not but I want to get the new tank going here within the week. That's why you keep seeing these bumped to the top. Not hard up for cash but in a way it's keeping me from the new tank build..LOL



Brain $50 Sold to Reefit



Frag Pack $20 SOLD


La Lakers



2 frags of Fire and Ice



1 polyp of magicians (second frag of fire and ice in front magicians in the back)



Green Mushrooms $15



Small Bubble Coral $30 SOLD


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