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Drilling My 55

LC Scott

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You can drill anything, as long as it's not tempered glass, so whatever you do, make sure, I mean 100% sure, that it's not tempered, even if you have to call the manufacturer themselves to double check. If it's an older tank and you can't find that out, I'd really really think long an hard about drillin it....Instead, find a nice 75g, MUCH better foot print, an drill it instead lol.


Trust me dude, you will come to hate that 55 down the road, it's footprint is such that you are extremely limited on aquascaping, it's so friggin narrow an what not. A 75g is the same length, but 18" wide as opposed to a foot wide, an that extra 6" is a LOT...I've got an old acrylic 55g that I'm gonna use a sump, courtesy of ReefIt, and after looking at it an then at my 40 breeder, I'd rather have my 40b as a DT as opposed to that 55g LOL.


Oh, an a quick observation...They're T5HO's, not T5VHO's :P

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