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Coldwater Anemone ID? Anynone know their native anemones?


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Trying to figure out what anemone this is. I have 6 - 7 of them that where on a rock I brought home. Some of the smaller ones have a pink metalic coloration to them, but the larger ones ( which are only slightly larger than a quarter) look just like the picture.


I was thinnking it was maybe this: Anthopleura orientalis ???



This is the image of Anthopleura orientalis from Actiniaria.com:


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It definitely looks like an Anthopleura species, probably artemisia, and they will get bigger. The size makes it sound more like an odd color morph of elegantissima, although I've never seen banding on the tentacles like this. Wait and see how big they get, I guess! Also, elegantissima will undergo binary fission to increase the colony size, so if you see that happen that's probably your guy.

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