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New SPS Additions...Happy Thanksgiving to ME!!


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Well I am finding myself wanting to get more and more into SPS, and so far I have done very well with the few I currently have, and was excited to get the opportunity to get some more frags. I am excited to watch these grow...and wanted to document what they looked like when I first got them, so down the road I can take more and compair how much they have grown...I love doing that!


Anyway, here are some new additions...These pics where take shortly after they where aclimated, and polyps where already starting to come out....and my pictures SUCK...lol


Blue and Purple Millipora



Paletta Blue Acro



Green Pocillopora



Purple Pocillopora



and last but not least...my favorite of the new additions...The Black Magic Millipora(clap)



I will update with new pics as they grow...I am excited!!(rock2)

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They look good! Glad you are happy. Thanks for posting up the photos - its fun seeing frags you made in the tank belonging someone else. I will be sure to follow your growth rates.


Those Pocilloporas will look better in a few days.


By the way, that black magic is also one of my favorite corals. My colony is not huge but it really looks neat - I don't like fragging it very often for that reason. I paid more for my little colony of black magic than for any other coral in my tank.


Anyway - glad to see everything looking healthy after the 10+/- hours of travel.

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