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dry rock?


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I'm just curious for a rough estimation oh how long it takes dry rock to become live rock? I got 35lbs of dry rock and put a lot of it in my 55g tank. I've also got a 45g tank that I'll be setting up in a couple months. I intend to take a lot of the dry rock I put into the 55 and move it over into the 45. I'm going to be building a new stand and canopy for the 45 and am going to save for a t5 kit to put into said canopy so this may take me a couple months to do meanwhile, the dry rock will be in my 55 in an attempt to make it at least a little live.


sorry for the rambling question heh

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My personal experience - I am no expert:


I put 60 pounds of dry rock in my 75 about 8 weeks ago. Right now it's colored up nicely, a far cry from the bleached white look when I put it in. Corraline is growing slowly now, and I can see pods, feather dusters and misc creatures in it. I guess it's officially live.


Just keep a good amount of regular ol' live rock in with it, and it should be good to go in no time.

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