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FS: Kalk Reactor w/ Eheim 1250


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Since fish-only tanks don't need Kalk Reactors, I'm getting rid of mine. This is a quality 18" tall, 6" diameter DIY reactor made with a cell-cast acrylic body. Since it's a large reactor (2.25 gallon), in most cases it only needs stirring once daily -- if your tank uses more than 2 gallons of top-off daily, you might consider setting the stirring rate to twice a day. It's plumbed with3 x 1/4" John Guest quick-connect fittings (in, out, bleed) but I'll include a quick-connect to airline adapter if you need one.


The stirring pump is an Eheim 1250 with a worn impeller (kalk is abrasive). The impeller will need replacing someday (it rattles when stirring) but at 1/day stirrings I think it's got at least another year in it.


I'll also toss in two pounds of Mrs. Wages lime.


Not included: a feed pump (I use an Aqua-lifter), an ATO controller of some kind, a timer for the stirring pump, or the delicious Yukon Gold potatoes shown in the picture. Well, I suppose I could include a potato or two if that's a deal-breaker.


I'm asking $100 even, which I think is a pretty good deal. The Eheim pump alone sells for that new, and they last basically forever. PM if you're interested.


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