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Coming to Portland


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Hello - My son is playing in a hockey tournament in Portland this weekend. Hoping to take home a few nice frags. Can anyone recommend a great FS in the area with good selection/quality & good prices?




PS. If anyone would be interested in selling or trading I posted a thread in the classifieds too as I would be happy to trade.

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First off welcome!!


Secondly I would suggest you take a look at our sponsor forums and get the address' and phone numbers from there so you have them.


Since you said corals................ I would say Westside, Upscales, Ocean in a Box, Rose City, and Coral Mafia- but please look into all of them and hit as many as you possibly can with your free time!


PS- Are you coming back this way next summer for SEA-MAX?

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The Three Amigos +1


I won't be in town or would be happy to do some trading. I always recommend the following stores I call the three amigos:


On the Southeast:

Nick at Rosecity

Rose City Aquarium Inc.

2929 SE Powell Blvd Suite #1

Portland, OR 97203


Phone: 503-233-3913


11-6 Tuesday-Friday

11-7 Friday

11-6 Sunday


The Coral Mafia-aka TCM Aquatics (This one's a little harder to find. I would advise calling as it's in a wearhouse)



8215 S.E. 7th in Sellwood



Mon., Thurs., Fri. - 1pm-7pm

Sat., Sun. - 12pm-6pm

Tues., Wed. - By appointment


and on the West side of town in Beaverton


Westside Aquarium

2020 NW Aloclek Dr.

Suite 108

Hillsboro, OR 97124



Business Hours

Tuesday-Saturday 11-7

Sunday 12-5

Monday Closed


I would also advise a trip to Salem if you have time. It's worth the drive and check out Garrett's


Garrett Munoz

The Premium Aquarium


(503) 580-5716

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I posted a reply in your classifieds thread. If we can work a deal then I'm not too far from Ocean In a Box which is a must see if your looking for nice looking corals and are in the area. In addition to those mentioned Woody down at Seahorse also usually has a few hidden gems in his cheap frags if you know what to look for.

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^ Thanks guys.. Will try to visit a couple of your recommendations!


I assume "SEA-MAX" is a reef fest in the Portland area? I recently attended one in Salt Lake City (one of the benefits to spending thousands on travel hockey for my kids - I get to see lots of great stores/coral etc.. lol). Anyway, I will have to look at trying to make that trip.

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I highly recommend Nick's RoseCity, it's our favorite store by far, and you have to check out SEA Max, we're finally getting one of the big reef-keeping conventions, similar to MACNA, in the PacNW, if you're a member of a club there in the Idaho area, please pass the word, there's a thread here about it, plus a big one over on I think it's reeffrontiers.

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