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Care to daydream with me......what if.....


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So my wife and I like to occassionally dream about what we would do if we hit the powerball....it makes for fun conversation. It is amazing how many different ideas you get from other people when you talk about it with them.


First question....What would you do?



Here is my dream tank if I hit the powerball




Second question....what do you guys think of doing a group buy on powerball tickets?


If we win we split it evenly....you know....like an office pool. I was watching a show where 11 people from an office bought 60 tickets and won...each got 11 mil. I could do with that.(naughty) not saying this would happen to us....but it would be nice.


if you are interested simply say so in your post.


Now this is my kinda "group buy"....I am totally down....who else wants in? It would be a minimum of $1 for anyone who wants to join....of course you can put in more if you wish to increase our chances but no matter what the numbers are that are picked and who picked em....if we win we split. Worse case...you lose a dollar....best case...we are working out splits of millions.(rock2) if you want to pick your numbers that's fine with me....just pm or post em.....otherwise it is going to be quick picks.(plotting)


List of those interested:


01. CA2OR

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