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STOLEN- 1995 Honda Accord, CA plate, blue-Eugene Area


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My girlfriends car was stolen 11/18/2010 from the Parkside Apartments, in Eugene.

It is a 1995 Honda Accord 4 door, Light blueish.

Has California plates 6BTB158

She really needs her car back and it is very stressful that someone stole it from her. If you see it parked somewhere or anything please call the police and report it or let me know by email.

This is what the car looks like, it also has a big dent in the right front bumper.

I so appreciate any help! If it leads to finding her car, I will give you a reward. Thank You.

The 1st picture is actually her car, the 2nd is the same make/model/color.





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That sucks!! Sorry man! Thats one reason why I wont buy a honda! so easy to boost, and car theft isn't much more than a fine anymore. Very stupid IMO!! instead of all the $ that have been put into roads and bridges the past couple years from the stupid stimulus, instead of it being deemed for going to schools and prisons.

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Glad the car was found and there was not too much loss or damage. Car theft is a problem everywhere. At my work we had to put up a security fence because every day someone had their car broken into and things stolen. For some reason my subaru was never touched. :) I'm guessing the 666 number issued to me on the plates scares people ;).

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