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Parting out or buy complete my 120 Gallon Aquarium


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Hey all. It has been awhile since I have been on here but I have been busy with a newborn that spent 45 days in the NICU at emanuel. Anyway I have downsized my tank and I am getting rid of my 120 for a pretty good deal. I have it posted on CL but thought I might offer it up here also. If your interested just PM me.


Tank, stand, refugium and sump -

120 gallon glass tank ( 4' x 2' x 2') in excellent condition, no leaks just will need a little cleanup. Stand is a heavy duty custom built oak stand. It needs the doors put on as I didn't use them but it is like new. Refugium is a 15 gallon acrylic tank an was plumbed to sit side by side with the showtank. It also comes with a stand. The sump is a very nice acrylic with multiple chambers for adding live rock, a skimmer, ect. I think it is around 35 gallons or so. I would like 350.00 for all this stuff.



Is a 48" 6 bulb t5 current nova extreme fixture. It is very nice and works perfectly. I think I may have burnt out one bulb while taking down the tank but other than that it is perfect. I am asking 200.00 for the lights but would be willing to trade for a decent 24" metal halide fixture.


Return pump - SOLD

The return pump is a mag 18. It has been used for about a year and works perfectly. I am asking 50.00.


Pick up before Thanksgiving and I will throw in a Current Gamma 25 watt uv sterilizer and 4 koralia pumps that will give you awesome flow. This is a great deal and would make an awesome early x-mas present.





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