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small tang


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yeah man, tangs are a handful. i got one last week with the same idea in mind, and i got ich right off the bad (perhaps i was foolish and bought it with ich a). so seriously, go the easy way. blennies are hardy too. the tangs are really iffy if you don't have it down (i unfortunately learned). try hermits also. and the turbos kick butt.

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Hey maybe he wants another fish to look at too!!! (laugh) Some snails won't touch certain types of algae that a tang may love. When i first set my 75gal up i had a TON of algae growing on everything including the glass. I mean everything!! Snails wouldn't touch it, neither would emeralds. I found out the algae was called Tang Heaven, so i got a Desjardini tang and every single bit of algae was gone in 3 days.


I've been wanting a small flame angel for years, I might have to make a trip to visit Garrett :)

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