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FT ~ 1,200 GPH Pump ~ Vancouver WA ~ PU


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Hi I have a GenX PCX55 that is in excellent condition. Would like to trade it for a 48" T5 light fixture. I do no want CF/VHO etc.. I don't need anything fancy it's a freshwater tank. I would like nice looking fixture since it is going in my dining room with no canopy and a picky wife lol..


Sorry for the Google pic. My pics are too big to upload.



Good ole cash works too $100?


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PC (Power Compacts) and CF (Compact Flourescents) are the same thing. If it's freshwater only I would think PC would be fine for it. If not it isn't too hard to retrofit T5's unto a PC/CF fixture.


Good to know! I would be willing to convert it if the fixture looks nice. The tank is a amazonian (blackwater) 120 gallon. It has an open top and 3D background and dark brown water. I just don't want to overdo the lighting an fight algae, or use a crappy light and fight my wife lol...


ps anyone who pays cash for the pump, I'll throw in a free Rio 2500 pump as well. ;)

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I will try to take and send some pics of the actual light tonight. But here is one that is almost identical. You would however want to get some legs(shows them in pic). As I had this light hanging(and have some how lost them)... BTW the bulbs I just put in the fixture 2 months ago cost approx 100 dollars.


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you should google the price of replacement bulbs for the PC' date=' you might not like what you see.[/quote']


:eek: Thanks Gill I didn't realize the price on those..


Lower price to $80 and will still throw in the Rio 2500 internal as well. Best I can do. Thanks!

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