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Here is updated pics


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So I thought I would post some new pics of my tank since it's been about 2 months and I have gotten a lot more corals from some of you out there :D and I also started to run a PhosBan Reactor and my tank , corals , and of course myself love the way it's looking now and getting good coral growth as well (clap) . Ok so just incase you guys have forgotten it's a 90 gallon tank with build in overflow. Lighting is 2 MH 250 watts & 4 Power compacts . I also have about 200 lbs of live rock and I have 9 fish total which are 3 tangs (purple,hippo,& Tomini) 2 clown fish ,purple fire fish, red and gold ferry wrasse ,and 2 gobies (shrimp goby & sleeper goby) Well thanks for looking (whistle)


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