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hitchhiker id?


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so this a little odd to me... I bought a small piece of LR (it's just a little smaller then a baseball) for my 10g. when I got home today I noticed that it has a small crack down the middle that's about 1/4 inch wide. while feeding I bumped the light a little and the crack closed and then slowly reopened. on close inspection I see some very small life on the rock spaghetti worms and a few other things I can't id however I think I see something like a clams mouth in the crack... it's kind of hard to tell what it might be. anyone ever seen anything like this? I'll try to take a picture but I don't think I have the proper equipment to take a picture of something like this.

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well here it. it looks like the whole rock is the creature.

also here are a few other things on the rock that I'm not sure what they are. some of them I wonder if they are those things like aptasia that I don't know quite what they are called m.... something


the whole rock


the rock open


I moved the light and it closes


the things I'm worried are the m.. somethings


some bumpy thing vaguely looks like a ricordia but I'm pretty sure it's not


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They look like majano nems. I would burn them off if you can.


Your what is the rock questions though is still a mystery to me.


if they are. does aptasia X kill them? they almost look like the tips of a xenia to me but my initial thought is majanos that's why I ask. it's just crazy to me that it seems that the whole rock is a creature I wish you guys could see it in person.. it's crazy

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Thats pretty cool, I had a large colony of Zoanthids that every so often I would see half of the Zoanthids spread apart and as soon as a fish swam by it would close really quickly...its a calm or oyster, scallop or something that had Zoanthids growing all over it..Still have it too...at night it sends out two big syphon tubes out of the Zoanthids...


I have some of those little polyp things growing on a Lobo, I don't think they are Mojanos, as they seem more like some kind of tiny clove polyp...They don't really have a whole lot of color, like other cloves, but each one has the exact same flower type patter. I have not attempted to do anything with mine, but they look exactly like yours in your picture. They are not aptasia I don't think, nor Majonos, I really don't think they would hurt anything, I would just watch how fast they grow if they are a type of Clove Polyp.

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it opens up a little wider now. I can see into it a little better. it's pink and still looks clam-ish. I don't really know what an oyster looks like (well I'm sure I do but can't picture it at this moment...) I suppose I could look it up heh.

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