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Types of Duncans?


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So I am fairly new to Duncans, and I was wondering if there where several "kinds" of Duncans? Back at the meeting in August at the Westside Aquarium I chose to give Duncans a shot, and bought just one head. Well so in the 2.5-3 months since I have had it its sprouted about 5-6 new heads:eek: which is really cool....I have seen some Duncans that seem to grow in a ball type structure...Like this...



Then I see others that grow in a more branching manner like this...



Are there "Branching" Types and "Cluster" types? I really like how they branch out, mine has the green "Stalk" to it like the one pictured, and I was wondering if it was the same kind....Or if there was something special people do to make them branch out like that...


Anyway...here is mine so far, I kinda pissed off the main "Original" Head when I moved it to take pics....But I would love to know if there are different types of Duncans...and/or why some Branch out and others form Clusters of heads...





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