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Few Zoanthids and Candy Canes


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Well I am making some more room as the "Combined 40b" just looks packed like a sardine can, so I picked a few things I would let go or things I have multiples of.....We will be in the portland area tomarrow 11/14 I can bring anything down to that area to meet up somewhere


These are a very pretty paly (protopaly?) that I got from Gradth, I fragged a couple of polyps off of this and am letting go of the others...$10



Also, I picked up a couple of Coralife 20k 250w DE bulbs from Coralreefer not that long ago, he had only just barely broken them in and said he didn't like the color it was too blue, I paid $40 for 2 and gave them a shot, on my setup they are not blue enough for me, so I put the stock Current USA 14k back in there which to me is bluer than these. They have a Crisp White look to them, but not blue enough for me. Asking $15 for the 2 bulbs...these would be great backup bulbs, I already have backups, of the Current USA 14k....They have lots of life still left, Coralreefer said he used them for a short few months, and I used them for a whole 3 days, so they are still really good bulbs, just not blue enough for me.


Long Polyp ToadStool, These are really cool if you have good flow as thier polyps are much longer than normal Toadstools, and in good flow they add lots of movement to the aquarium. $15



Short polyp Toadstool, This is about the size of tennis ball when open, very nice flat cap with tiney little polyps, I will have a picture up this evening. $10

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where is lyle wa i want the fake hornets


What? You've never heard of Lyle?(laugh)...j/k...We are about an hour and half up the columbia river from Vancouver....Its just easier to say we live near Hood River, but on the washington side...


We are going to be in kelso/Longview tomarrow at 10am, Its kind of a drive though for you, let me know...


Good deals on those zoas David! Let me know if you want to make some trades!


Anything particular your interested in?

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Bump.....Updated list, and updated prices, AND added a few things, I can make sweet deals for multiple purchases, we are comming down to portland on this Sunday 11/21 and can meet people somewhere....feel free to make an offer...(naughty)


I need the room, as I would like to redo the tank and give some corals more room to grow.:D

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