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Making that Love Connection at Your LFS


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Saw this on another forum and thought it was.....




All you fish forum nerds out there wanting to know how to properly pick up chicks at your LFS here's the instructional video for you!




For extra tips and advanced instruction I refer you to this link:(laugh)



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Okay that's just a little creepy Alex.(nutty) I could do better than that.(laugh)


Off the top of my head I picture a Safety Fragging Video sung to the ever popular 80's hit


"The Safety Dance"


We can frag if we want to

We can use all kinds of tools

Cause your friends use gloves

And your friends use masks

Cause your friends aren't nobody's fools


We can grow if we want to

A piece nobody can ever find


You get the idea LOL!

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mrsaltwatertank is great. I saw all his video. Some are really interesting and informative too.

He's second only to Justin Credabel's videos:


That is some funny stuff Alex. I dont think I want to know how you found that.


Pssssst you can tell me. Were you the one in the robot suit I would not tell anyone.

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Justin is well known. He's an expert on fragging, especially goniopora. I think he first introduced the Hydrogen Peroxide 3% method for algae removal, or at least made it popular.

But yes, his videos are a little creepy too :))

And yes, I was the robot lol

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