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FS: 175g Oceanic Bowfront Complete System


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i have to sell my tank because im done with school in june and will be moving to portland for a job and will most likely be living in an apartment. so heres whats included:


175g bowfront tnak with very nice canopy and stand that has 2 tinted glass doors. tank also has 2 internal overflows (RR) and has black silicon.


the power heads are 2 hydor korlia #3's and 2 hydor korlia #4's


there is about 90+ pounds of key largo rock in the tank. the lighting system is a 72" Nova extreme pro. there is a 55g aga sump and a mag 18 return pump. the protien skimmer is a bubblemax 2500 which has been an awesome skimmer. i have several differnent heaters ranging from 200-300 watts.


the live stock:


whitemouth moray eel (about 2 feet)

snowflake moray (18inches)

yellow tang (4 inches)

sailfin tang (5+inches)

miniatus grouper (3+ inches)

niger trigger (5 inches)

picasso trigger (3 inches)

voltain lionfish (6 inches)

2 dog face puffers one white and one black. the white is 5 inches and the black (which is one of the nicest black ones i have seen, 'llput up a pic) is about 4 inches.


i also have some other equipment laying around such as a spare sump and some dry rock, phosban reactor etc..


im asking $2000 for everything. thanks ill get some pics up soon, i have been super busy with school and clinicals. (rock2)

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Send me some pics. I am interested in possibly the whole system.

If you are starting dental school, let me know also. I teach at OHSU.




im currrently in a Respiratory therapist program and will be done in june. then getting my bach. degree and then hopefully into a PA program! :)


ill get some pics up soon, thanks everyone for being patient.

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all PM's returned. i wil take a partial trade for a small 14g cube and im looking for a BW occelaris clownfish and i reg orange occ. clownfish.


Sailfin tang 25$ pending sale.

Yellow tang 25$

Dog face puffer 25$

Black dogface puffer 75$

Whitmouth moray eel 75$

snowflake moray eel 25$

miniatus grouper 35$

koran angel (has some HLLE) 15$

Niger trigger w streamer $30

picasso trigger 25$

voltain lionfish $45

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