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Help its eating my palys


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Anyone have any idea what this thing is. I have seen it a couple times. And every where it is i notice shrinking of the soft corals(zoos/palys). Tonight its eating my green palys(looks to be boring int the stalks). It is conical and at the opening it looks like it has a drill portruding out. Its shell is black and white mapicture.php?albumid=183&pictureid=1179ybe the size of a dime. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. picture.php?albumid=183&pictureid=1180

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How the Sundial snail gets to MEdford


I need it for some proto paly's are you around Eugene so I can bribe Miles to get it.



LOL Noobtosalt picks up sundial snail because I know he is going to Garretts in salem on Saturday to drop off candy apple red growout frags.


Nate meets Miles 1/2 way between Eugene and Salem for the above mentioned growout zoas


don't know how it gets to Medford from Eugene?


Option 2


Noobtosalt leaves with MrS who I believe said he was making a journey to Medford soon.

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I know Roger is coming down tommrow but if you cant get them to him but can get them to Miles he can ship them to me.


Working on trying to get it down to you by next week. I'm planning on heading to garretts on Tuesday so there will be a bunch of runners for you but you should have your snail....(clap)

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