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Are these good prices?


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I got a couple prices and was wondering if they were good deals or not...


Vortech MP40 ES for $345 (so much for not jumping on the Vortech bandwagon)


BRS Dual Reactor (carbon & GFO) $40


does anyone know where to get these cheaper?


Where ya getting the dual for $40??

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and the MP40 is this model which is the "w" right?


Ecotech Marine VorTech MP40w ES ECOSMART Wavemaker Pump


There is an MP40w ES and a MP40 ES. The 'w' model has the RF unit in the controller that allows two or more pumps communicate with each other. Ecotech does enforce MAP pricing so beware if someone is offering a huge price break on a NIB unit particularly if they are not a dealer.

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I'm pretty sure where you are seeing that MP40w ES for so cheap. If I'm correct, read the fine print...



"Same as retail box except no retail box, manual(you can download from the web) or warranty card(as shown in picture below)."


Ecotech Marine will not honor any warranty through this seller. If that thing breaks on the first day you are SOL.


Buy only from an authorized dealer, unless you are willing to take the risk of throwing your money in the trash.







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Yeah that is the place....but the price doesn't really match up....but yep that's them. I thought these were "reliable" pumps?


They are very reliable pumps. I own 6 of them personally and there is no pump to even come close to a Vortech in quality and water flow characteristics.


Ecotech had a known issue, in the past, with the wetsides that required a lot of them to be rebuilt free under warranty. All new pumps have this issue fixed, but can you be sure the one you are buying is...


As I mentioned before, its a risk you have to be willing to take. Murphy's Law states: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" :)

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Sketchy. They're selling you an upgraded MP20 which is fine but I'd love to know where the MP20 came from for the upgrade - refurbished maybe?


Ecotech units are reliable but like everything else in life things go wrong and when you've got a bit of cash tied up in the unit you don't want to get 6 months down the road, have it break without a warranty and then have to go shell out the cash again.

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