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My Clowns


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Clowns are extremely territorial, Perc's and Occelaris aren't too bad, but the rest are, ending with Maroons, they're extremely mean. And yes, they both look to be saddleback clowns.


Just as a warning, clowns are members of the same family that damsels are, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Yes they look like a pair of black saddles. While I agree with mick I would rate the tomatoes and clarkii's right up at the top of the aggressive list.


Interesting. My Clarkii has a huge carpet and the last few days has been going out of it's way halfway across the tank to try to push my 3 black and white clowns out of their RBTA. They haven't budged though. It's also hit my hand a couple of times. (Small pecks but enough to tell it was getting annoyed)

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