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Bunch of skimmers for sale again +1 media reactor


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You got any nano skimmers? I need something under 10" tall total and not more tan a total of 5-5.5" across.


Also, if you still have that RPS-2000 when my guitar goes...supposed to be on Thursday...I will buy that off you. Awesome skimmer.






Matt I have the used one still, Ive sold the new one. Let me know if you want to come by this weekend to pick it up!

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Hi Joel please tell me that you open your shop back up. chuck


Sorry Chuck Noob is right, working at SLS :) its been a fantastic move for me, benefits (my wife no longer works, now parents of twins) weekends/evenings back, PTO, and I still get to sell the same stuff without getting my hands dirty. I miss the livestock, but I sure dont miss scrubbing algae and cleaning skimmers, even though Jordan did most of it. Is this Chuck from Milwaukee? did you move to Estacada?

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