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Skimmers...H&S, Reef Octo, Bubble Magus


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Updated Prices in Red




Selling some skimmers. All three are clean and vinegar bathed and ready to go.


First up: H&S A150-F2001


Great Skimmer, in great shape. Its a recirc and built like a mack truck.



H&S Marine Life Suport Systems External Skimmer Rated for tanks up to 225. gal.

Pump: AquaBee 2001/38w

Diameter: 6"

Height: 26"

Footprint: 7"x16"

Intake: 5/8"

Output: 1 1/4"

Recommended Flow through: 150-200 GPH 25 lbs.












Next, a Reef Octopus DNW 200 Recirc. Also great shape. Bigger than the H&S, pulls really nice, dark guk from the tank.




Octopus DNW-200 Recirculating Skimmer by CoralVue.




- 7.8" Diameter

- 29.64" Tall

- Equiped with with needle wheel impeller recirculating pump

- - Requires additional feed pump with gph rating at approx. 1.5 times volume of your system.

- Recommended for aquariums up to 400 gallons

- Footprint 9" x 21"









Lastly, a Bubble Magus NAC3. Very clean and great shape. GREAT skimmer for nano tanks. In sump only.


Type: Needle Wheel

Capability: 100L-300L(25G-80G)

pump: atman ph1100 (made in china)

Pump power: 8W, 110V 60Hz

air intake: 200L/H

Dimensions: 175x110x445mm ( 6.8" x 4.3" x 17.5")

Diameter: 4"

Optimal Water Level: 8"-10"







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