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Big Thanks to ReefnJunkie, Gradth, NoobtoSalt, CoralReefer, and Rick


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What a fantastic day! I wanted to thank all the people that we met today, and to say I would not hesitate ONE BIT getting anything from these people, they are AWESOME!


ReefnJunkie- Thanks for all your hard work on the growouts and for the King Midas frag, really appreciate you taking the time to show us your AMAZINGLY beautiful tank, it was great meeting you and your wife (and your awesome dogs)


Gradth- Thanks for hooking us up with the awesome purple birdsnest, I REALLY like it, and looking forward to watching it grow, Thanks for showing us your tanks, loved the big tank and can't wait to see the new 40b filled with the new lighting...it was great meeting you and your wife and kids


NoobtoSalt-Thanks for hooking me up with one of my top wish list zoanthids, I can't express how stoked I am to FINALLY have Magicians(rock2) Very happy with them, it was great meeting you and your wife and kids...your sons tank is really cool too, but I have to say I am very jelous of those anthias, they where amazingly beautiful, beautiful tank.


Coralreefer- Even though we didn't get to meet you in person, thank you for the bulbs, they fired right up and looked great! Thanks again.


and last but not least.....RICK....DOH! DUDE...I am sooo freaken sorry, one of my brain dead moments, sorry we didn't meet up, but I will make it right...I can't say how sorry I am for forgetting the darn SQWD....DOH!...Super sorry man....You'll have it tuesday...:p


It was lots of fun finding everyone and chatting about thier beautiful tanks, great people, and its the people that make this hobby so great, so I thank you, and I would never hesitate getting anything from these people...good peeps...for SURE!(rock2)

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It was my pleasure. If I ever end up selling those fish (which of course is doubtful since they were my wife's pick) I will hit you two up first. It was great talking Reef for a bit today. Glad you enjoy the zoas! I hope that the ric makes it too. Sorry it fell of the rock. I guess there is something to say about the cheaper glue.

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I'll throw another thanks to NoobtoSalt as well. I dropped by and he gave me a bunch of xenia to throw in my sump for filtration. Now I just need to get the timer hooked up on the light for it.


David, no big deal. It isn't critical to have the scwd on there right away.

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