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Matt's 125 Build


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So thanks to Rick I got my first big tank. Right now I just have a 24 jbj nano and thanks to everyone on the threads saying if I'm going to upgrade then go big lol.. so here it goes haha.


Purchased from rick. 125 tank, stand, 40gal sump, 20L refuge, Dual 400w MH ballast, 2 pendants, plumbing, and mag 9.5 pump.


Tank is drilled for closed loop and overflow box. Right now I won't be using the closed loop.


This will be a slow build thread because I've been working like crazy so I only have a few hours a week to work on it.


Saturday Oct. 30


Today I got the tank out on the porch and for about 3 hours in the rain I cleaned it with a razor blade and vinegar getting all the coralline algae off... there was a lot lol. Then my next plan was to respray the back of it for the scratches and a few light spots but the rain just won't stop long enough :(. So I guess that is the end of the first day.


As you can see in the pictures with the sticker bushes overflowing my deck I never use this side of the house haha.





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Lookin good Matt' date=' too bad you don't have a garage, then you wouldn't have to worry about the rain LOL.[/quote']


Lol I have a 2 car garage... but I carpeted it because I have a gym out there and then shannons car and my WRX lol.


Plus that deck comes off the family room which is where it's going.. you should see me take an hour to move this thing by myself.. I couldn't imagine getting it to the garage ahah

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November 2, 2010


Alight so today I got everything all hooked up and just finished siliconing everything. Hopefully when it's filled up we won't have any leaks haha. Here is a couple picture of it hooked up and filling up. As you can see I didn't plan a head and had no ro/di water ready so it's going from the unit straight into the tank lol... now the 2 day wait begins lol.


Couple pictures, about 5 hours in with the ro/di unit running.. just about an inch of water :D





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Looking good. If you use the levels I marked on the tanks then use the one on the left side. I.E. That is the highest you can fill the sump with everything running and still be safe if the power fails. FWIW, I also used that side whenever I added top off water.

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All righty so after a while of trying to sell this guy I decided to keep it tell I could set it up.. well here goes!




Tank is now filled

No longer has the 20L Refuge

Has 60lbs of sand in it so far.. going to had another 40lbs

Has 75lbs of BRS dry rock

Got my 400w 20k radium bulbs

Tank has 3 damsels in it during cycle because i'm cruel and shannon wanted them.. so she got them. (should be fun to catch later!)

Got a protein skimmer from Harald B.. have yet to get it to work :D

Got my filter sock in

Installed a DJ Power strip so I don't have to get behind the tank to turn stuff off


Things to do with-in the next week:


Get 50lbs of LR with coraline to seed the rest

Get LR rubble for the sump

Figure out what to do for a refuge

Add 40lbs of sand

Figure out the protein skimmer

Buy 2 more K-4's for flow.. or a vortech haven't decided

Organize all my cords so they are hidding up in the stand instead of hanging everywhere!


A few pictures as of tonight about 15 min ago














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Yeah looks like a great start. I also have been wondering for the longest time where people get power strips like those...now I know :-) Oh and in the future when you need to get those damsels out, I have an acrylic fish trap you could borrow...I got it online and used it to catch the damsels that I put in my tank to cycle it when I started lol

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