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BRS November Group Buy


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Just figured I'd see if anyone wanted to startup another group buy for Nov. 15th. I figured this time I would do this weeks in advance since I had so many people that I added on the last buy. My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago so I don't have anyones info from the previous buy so I will need your info again if you would like to join this one.


As always the points I get will go to TFT.

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If you don't already have an account shoot me your full name and email address. I will send you a link from my email address so I can get TFT some additional points for the refer a friend. For those that have PM'd me already about this it is for BulkReefSupply.com orders.


Here is a link from the last group buy I started if you have any questions.



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Here is the start of the list:


1. Noobtosalt

2. Reefnjunkie

3. Rgrcrain

4. bobby1212

5. BrianB

6. Mowhaynow

7. Reefit (I know you didn't PM me but I know you will be on here)

8. Emerald525 (Same as Reefit)

9. Tanktop74 (Same as Reefit)


If you don't want to be added let me know. I did find a start of the old group buy that was saved so I have some peoples info bu not everyones.

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