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Canister filters on Coldwater Marine tanks?


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So I'm trying to figure out how plumb in some filtration for my second coldwater tank and I'm getting kinda stumped.


Basically the tank has no "overflows" like a normal tank, it is plumbed with a drain in the very bottom of the tank underneath the coolant coil that runs to the external pump below the tank, and the returns run up from the bottom. So its more or less like a closed loop. So I am trying to figure out if I can run a sump on a system like this and cant figure out a good way to plumb it all together.


I have been debating on taking the easy way out for filtration and simply running a really nice canister filter like one of the Eheims on this system. But that still leaves me with the question of how to plumb a protein skimmer inline on a closed loop system, anyone have ideas?????


If I can figure out how to run the sump I'll be able to hook in a regular skimmer very easily as well as other add ons. If I run the canister filter, it solves the basic filtration plumbing issue, but cause more problems for add ons in the future.


HELP!!! I'M GOING CRAZY OVER THIS (nutty)(nutty)(laugh)

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well, i'm not sure if it is 100% fool proof yet or not, but i have been running a fluval 405 on the new 150g for a few days now. i am pretty much using it as an overflow box and it seems to be working very well. i shut the return pump off every couple of hours to make sure, if the power goes out, that it won't overfill the sump. knock on wood, it hasn't yet.

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run the canister and let it empty into the sump then use return pump to go back to the tank ??? just an idea to get ya thinkin


Long term this will not work. It is not possible to completely match the output of two separate pumps longterm.


If there is no way to rearrange the plumbing and "un close" the loop the only other option I could see would be to use a type of HOB skimmer, or HOB refugium with a chamber for a skimmer.


You could pump water up to a type of skimmer made to be used externally and have the water gravity feed back into the system.


The other option would be to use an overflow box.


IME I would stay away from cannister filters, they are more trouble then they are worth IMHO, even with your predicament.


Is drilling the tank not an option? Tempered?


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If you are using some sort of porous rock, just use an HOB skimmer. You don't need any other biological filtration.

But if you need more, you can think of some kind of skimmer with room for media, like the Deltec 300 or the Cpr. Also the suggested HOB fuge/skimmer is a great option. I used to have one and it was working great

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With this tank there is no where to do a hang on the back. I did manage to get the water change drain off today and I think I am going to add a stand pipe overflow in its place that runs down to the sump and a return line to one of the returns already in place. Then run my auto feeder on a closed loop from the current drain hole and back to the other return.


Heres some pics to better show what I'm working with


The red dots are the tops of the returns.

The green square is where the false bottom cover plate will be.

The blue arrow points to where the drain is that I will mod and place a standpipe central overflow in that will go to the sump.

The yellow line is a strainer that is connected to the current drain that goes to the return pump.








I'm heading to home depot right now to get the rest of the pipe fittings :D

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