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WTS: 3'x3'x2' 1/2" Acrylic CUBE TANK


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$600 cash, no trades wanted. Custom Envision 1/2" acrylic. Approximately 150 gallons, depending on your salt amount :). All the edges are nicely beveled, no sharp corners. I bought from a private party.Patrick of SWF did a polish on the front and sides and he was nice enough to continue it to the top and bottom. This is set up for hard corals with lots of flow in the tank, the plumbing is designed for a looped system, so there are two pumps just to recirculate, then your main to and from the sump and it's accessories. The piping is all connected in the back of the tank, other plumbing is not attached and not seen in the pictures. Two overflows, one each back corner. I'd planned on doing plumbing under the house and stashing everything under a staircase. Times have changed, I'm doing school and business and want the space back. Takes at least two healthy people to move this, about 150 awkward pounds. An suv, pick up or van is needed, I'll help move it to the vehicle. I have the pumps to run this at it's optimum needed flows for hard corals, and the lighting. I will sell those with, or after the tank is sold, giving the tank buyer first dibs. I will not go down on the price. The tank is sitting on a 4x4's. It could be integral to a stand that you might cover, or the stand itself depending on your wants, included. Thanks for looking. First person who puts cash in my hand gets the tank. Only posted here, I will broaden promoting this if not sold here this soon. Don't know if the board will auto email me when I get a response or not so here it has been a while since I have been on here, my contact # 503 710 8179





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